All the Convenience of Home Packed into the Ford EcoSport

Compact crossovers provide drivers with a convenient design that blends together the size of an SUV and the convenience of a sedan. The Ford EcoSport is the ideal vehicle to give you a safe, fun, and functional ride; every time.

The cabin of the EcoSport is designed to bring you and your family comfort at every turn. 

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The Drive is More Pleasant with the Technology in the Ford C-MAX

Technology features in a vehicle can make the drive more pleasant and fun, and the technology in the popular compact hybrid, the Ford C-MAX, will help you enjoy your drive more. Ambient lighting and Sirius XM radio can make any drive more exciting.

The ambient lighting in the footwells and cupholders not only make finding drinks and your footing easier, but it also makes it more pleasant. 

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Exterior Lighting on the 2018 Ford F-150

With the 2018 Ford F-150, you can work well into the night. This renowned full-sized pickup truck is available with ample lighting throughout the body. It's capable of lighting up your surroundings after the sun has set.

LED lighting is used throughout to provide you with an energy-efficient source. You can choose to get spotlights that can be pointed to where you need them.

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The 2018 Ford Edge: A Stylish Crossover That Turns Heads

You can rest assured that your new Ford Edge is going to attract a lot of attention as soon as you hit the streets of Corydon, IN. This stylish SUV is home to a myriad of interior and exterior features that can’t be found anywhere else. If you have been searching for a luxurious SUV, then it might be time to take a fresh look at the 2018 Edge.

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Check Out These Ford Explorer Capability Features

Why is the Ford Explorer a popular SUV year-to-year? These new capability features in this year's model should shed some light on the issue.

Whether you are gathering up your fishing gear or have your hands full with bags of groceries, reaching for the truck keys can be difficult without putting everything down. The Ford Explorer comes equipped with the hands-free and foot-activated liftgate, making getting into your SUV with full hands a breeze. 

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Lovin' the Ford Taurus' Technology Features

What do you love most about the Ford Taurus? Is it the exterior design, the comfort features, or the latest technology features? The popular Ford TaurusFord Taurus, a full-size sedan, is great for all of these reasons, but if you want to know more about the technology features that make the Taurus even better than has been in the past, keep reading.

With the Lane-Keeping System, you will be alerted if you are drifting into another lane, and if you do not respond, the system will correct your driving for you. 

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The Performance of the 2018 Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is a popular midsize sedan that has been recently spotted all over Corydon. Drivers are raving about the performance features of the new 2018 lineup of Ford Fusions. Below, we detail some of the features found in this high-end Ford vehicle.

  • You can choose from the standard Fusion, the V6, or the V6 Sport.
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The Interior of the Ford F-150 Raptor

The Ford F-150 Raptor has a lot of impressive interior features designed to help you with your adventures. From the bucket seats in the front to the instrument panel, you have everything you could ask for and more.

You can look forward to a reverse sensing system, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, cruise control, power door locks, a 4.2” productivity screen, and more. 

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Invaluable Engine Cooling & Radiator System Maintenance

The cooling system in your vehicle has to be operating in a peak state all the time to keep the engine components protected. These are a few parts of that system that need to be maintained regularly.

  • The radiator hoses move coolant from the block to radiator, so they need to be in working order and the clamps have to be secure.
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Signs Your Brake Pedal Needs to be Repaired

You a sense of assurance that your vehicle's brakes are going to work at that crucial moment when they're needed. If the pedal feels spongy, there's may be a problem with the fluid not reaching the caliper in order to work the brakes.

There could be several reasons that can cause a brake problem. One of them is that there may be a small leak in the lines. 

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