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Ford Flatbed Trucks for sale near Louisville, KY

A Flatbed Truck is a special type of truck that's body work, as the name suggests, is completely flat with no sides or roof. This allows it to be easily loaded and unloaded, and carry large or unwieldy items with ease. In order to retain the load there is often low sides which allow loads to be hinged or strapped onto the frame of the flatbed truck. Heritage Ford has a large inventory of Flatbed Trucks available to suit any of your commercial truck needs.

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Flatbed Truck Inventory at Heritage Ford

Heritage Ford has a large variety of Flatbed Trucks available to resident in the Louisville, KY area. There are many models and trims to choose from. Whether you need a bare bones work truck or a heavy duty construction hauler, Heritage Ford is going to have the Flatbed Truck that is sure to fit your needs.

Flatbed Truck Inventory
Advantages of Ford Dump Trucks

Advantages of Ford Flatbed Trucks

Advantages of Ford Dump Trucks

There's a few large advantages to owning a Flatbed Truck rather than a different type of truck like a pick-up. Maintenance is a lot easier on a Flatbed Truck. You don't have to worry about the sides or rear getting and dents or getting dirty. Its very easy to clean and maintain.

The Flatbed also makes it so you can haul much larger loads than if you had a truck with sides on the bed. You aren't restricted to the size of your trucks bed rather you're limited by the size of the road and legal hauling size.

Another fantastic reason to own a Flatbed Truck is loading things is much easier. Being able to load thing from 3 sides instead of the 1 side like a traditional truck is very beneficial. This will also allow you to haul items in any orientation you want because you aren't restricted by size and loading area.

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Advantages of Ford Dump Trucks

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Heritage Ford has over 3 decades of experience making customers happy whether its getting them in their daily driver they'll love driving or getting them a commercial vehicle perfect for work. Stop by the Finance Center and talk to one of the financing experts to get your new or used vehicle today. After you've made your purchase come back to the Service Center to keep your new vehicle running in tip top shape. Check out our specials to see if there's a deal for you. Heritage Ford is always happy to help!

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