Drivers often worry about accidents on the road. So, they take steps to drive safely and carefully. Unfortunately, road conditions can undermine attempts at being careful. A recent rainfall can create slick and wet roads. The surfaces could lead to hydroplaning. That is when cars skid and slide on the surface. Drivers do need to be aware of how to deal with hydroplaning to improve road safety.

Tire care helps the cause. Maintain the proper psi inflation level for your tires. Make sure the tires are rotated and replaced on schedule. Worn tires won't deliver desirable traction.

Better driving habits help, too. Read up on all the tips available for driving in wet conditions. Avoid speeding or hard braking. Don't use cruise control or drive in puddles or near accumulated water. Attempt to drive in the safe tracks left by other drivers.

Keep your car in good shape. Visit the service department at Heritage Ford in Corydon, IN for all routine maintenance needs.

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