If you want one of the hottest full-size passenger vans on the market that’s equipped with all the right technological features, the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon will be right up your alley. This technology can help you get to and from different points in Corydon, IN easier while providing a more enjoyable ride along the way.

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagons that we have here at Heritage Ford that are ready to be test driven by people like you feature lane-keeping alert with driver alert technology. With the use of a camera that’s mounted behind the windshield, this technology can scan the lane markings on the road that you’re driving on so that you can be warned if your vehicle starts to drift. In addition to giving you audio and video alerts, this technology issues a series of steering wheel vibrations that will help you act quicker to make any needed lane corrections.

If you don’t like having to constantly adjust the speed on your windshield wipers, the rain-sensing wipers can do the work for you. These wipers automatically detect how much moisture is on the windshield and adjust their speeds accordingly.

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