The cooling system in your vehicle has to be operating in a peak state all the time to keep the engine components protected. These are a few parts of that system that need to be maintained regularly.

  • The radiator hoses move coolant from the block to radiator, so they need to be in working order and the clamps have to be secure.
  • The thermostat controls inside engine temperatures, and the housing and gasket will be checked for any signs of leaking.
  • The fan and belts must be in good working condition to cool the fluids as they pass the radiator.
  • The water pumps is responsible for moving the coolant throughout the engine to the radiator, so it has to be visually inspected for leaks or belt wear.

Now you know why it is so important that you bring your vehicle to of our service center Heritage Ford Inc. for a cooling system inspection and maintenance check-up.

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