The Mechanics and Maintenance of the Transmission

The transmission on your car, truck, SUV, or other vehicle plays a crucial role. In layperson's terms, the transmission converts the raw power generated by the engine and converts into a "usable" form to run the drive wheels.

A primary element of the transmission that allows it to function is transmission fluid maintained in the system. Transmission fluid is usually reddish or greenish in appearance and is designed to "lubricate" the elements of the transmission system. Oftentimes, transmission fluid is marketed as being capable of lasting a "lifetime." It's important to note that "lifetime" is not synonymous with "forever." Generally speaking, lifetime means about 100,000 for most transmission fluid options.

If you believe your transmission is in need of service, visit the service pros at Heritage Ford Inc., located in Corydon, IN. We can schedule a transmission service appointment or arrange for other types of vehicle maintenance for you.

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