The Ford Mustang Packs a Lot of Power and It Starts with the Exhaust

If want to hear the power in the car that you drive, the Ford Mustang is always there for you. The sheer performance of this vehicle has made it so popular within its class. You will love the sound of the exhaust, and there is a good reason for that. A lot of thought has gone into its engineering.

Believing that the exhaust on a performance car should not just be loud, Ford had a team of audio engineers redesign it. The result is phenomenal, as it sounds like a music symphony coming out of the exhaust at every turn. Drivers love it.

A great feature implemented into the modern Ford Mustang is that drivers have control over the sound level of the exhaust. If you want to hear the power, you can go for the aggressive sport mode. There are three different choices to select from. Test drive the Mustang when you visit Heritage Ford Inc.

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