The Ford EcoSport Gives Young Drivers Safe Driving Opportunities

In Corydon, IN, there are many roads where teen drivers can easily make simple driving mistakes. They can also make poor decisions while driving, which is a huge concern for parents. If you need a car that can protect a teen driver, the Ford EcoSport is worth considering because it's equipped with a convenient technology called Ford MyKey.

The technology that powers MyKey serves one important purpose, which is to keep teenage drivers safe. This system is basically an encouragement solution that helps a typical teen commute more responsibly. However, a parent must program the hardware based on a teen's habits in order to produce consistent results. For example, if a teenager likes to drive fast, a parent can set the system so that the EcoSpeed won't bypass a specific speed limit. MyKey has other settings as well, such as options for safety belt use and music volume.

If you want to learn more about MyKey, the staff at Heritage Ford can share great information. We sell Ford vehicles with this technology to people in Corydon, IN and surrounding areas.

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