What Category Does the Ford Fusion Hybrid Fall Into?

Technically, the Ford Fusion Hybrid is a midsize four-door hybrid sedan. Some drivers who head to Heritage Ford and see them for the first time in person don't necessarily agree with Ford's own classification. It's almost like the Fusion is a hybrid-electric luxury car with more legroom than you'd expect from a vehicle that prides itself on conserving fuel.

Chrome mesh styling on titanium bars, for instance, is a design feature you don't normally see in eco-friendly cars. You also don't usually see extravagances like cooled seating and a heated steering wheel. Extra cup holders, storage compartments and a rotary gear shift dial add to the feeling that this is more of a luxury car than a traditional sedan.

The one thing that does differentiate it, though, is how little gas it uses. Even when traffic gets bad in Corydon, IN, the hybrid edition of the Ford Fusion shouldn't be able to get you where you're going in style without filling up.

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