How Android Auto Can Keep You Connected and Totally Hands-Free

As an incredibly popular, in-vehicle technology system, Android Auto is perfect for any Corydon, IN driver who loves staying connected while on the road. From enabling motorists to place hands-free calls and respond to texts, to providing real-time traffic updates and directions, this powerful tool makes long trips both pleasant and easy. At Heritage Ford, we're committed to helping consumers find vehicles that are just as functional and feature-rich as they need them to be.

Stay in Touch with the People Who Matter with Android Auto

Powered by Google Assistant, Android Auto eliminates the need to fumble around with your phone, take your eyes off of the road, and risk an accident or a moving violation. When driving to and from work or taking long pleasure trips, you can use this tool to read and answer text messages, stay in touch with your social media contacts, and more.

Android Auto also provides real-time information that drivers need for streamlining their commutes, avoiding accidents, and minimizing their fuel use. You can use this tool to avoid speed traps, find options in lodging and dining along your route, and stay abreast of the latest traffic alerts. Test drive a car with Android Auto by visiting Heritage Ford today.

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