Stay Smart on the Road with the Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta may be small, but it certainly isn't dumb. This popular subcompact car is forward thinking in every way that counts, and it comes packed with smart features that enhance safety and driving experience.

There's nothing smarter than responsible driving. Keep your eyes on the road with the Standard Rear-View Camera, which provides a clear image of the area behind the car. As soon as you shift into reverse, the camera activates, sending a video stream to the Fiesta's display screen. The Standard Hill Start Assist is another popular smart feature. When the Fiesta's sensors notice an uphill climb, the hill start assist kicks in. After you take your foot off the brake, this feature will hold the brakes for another two seconds, giving you time to switch your foot to the accelerator.

If you're a Corydon driver searching for a sporty, high-tech subcompact, the Ford Fiesta is the smart choice. For a test drive, head to Heritage Ford Inc. soon!

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