V Belts

Many older vehicle engines use V-belts to drive auxiliary parts. The V-belt connect the crankshaft to individual parts to power such important engine pieces as the alternator, the air-conditioner compressor, and the water pump. For each auxiliary part, there is a single V-belt.

There are advantages to using V-belts to power parts by use of the crankshaft motion. The belts are short, and slippage is easily detected. Thus, diagnosis of a bad belt or a bad part is simplified. Another advantage is if one belt fails, then it is only the part it powers that fails with it.

The disadvantage of V-belt systems is that belts are often out of stock and will need to be special ordered. Another problem is that belts tend to wear equally. If you must replace one, you will soon need to replace another.

Bring your car to our service center at Heritage Ford Inc. in Corydon to replace V-belts as needed.

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