If Dealing with Your Battery Issues Is an Inconvenience, Bring Your Vehicle to Us

Whether it's providing the spark to the components that get your vehicle running or powering up the radio while you're parked at the beach, your vehicle's battery plays an important role. As such, you should be proactive in its maintenance to eliminate any worry that it'll let you down.

There are a number of conditions that can adversely affect your battery's function. The first of these is corrosion on the battery terminals. The second is corrosion of the ends of the battery cables. Corrosion of these components can lead to difficulty starting your vehicle, loss of power, and premature failure of the battery itself.

Staying on top of battery and battery component maintenance can be an inconvenience. No worries, we are here to take care of that for you. Just bring your vehicle in to our service center at Heritage Ford Inc. in Corydon. We will diagnose, service, and fix any issues that we discover while you are here.

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