Heritage Ford Can Show You the Interior Features of the Ford Fiesta ST

Are you looking for a vehicle with an interior that you love every bit as much as the exterior? The Ford Fiesta ST provides you with all of the interior features that you are seeking. This popular subcompact performance hatchback is waiting for you, and it delivers all that you want from a vehicle.

When you are driving about in Corydon and you want to connect your phone to your vehicle to access all of its apps, you can do that with the Fiesta ST. This vehicle allows you to connect your Apple or Android phone for convenient access.

Are you interested in having seats added to your vehicle that give it a luxurious feel? Do you want the seats in your vehicle to be unique? The Ford Fiesta ST gives you the option to add partial leather-trimmed seats to your vehicle. You can customize the interior of the vehicle by choosing such a seat finish.

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