Why Do I Need Winter Wiper Blades?

With the coming of winter comes special concerns for the care of your vehicle. For example, you may find that your regular windshield wiper blades do not perform as well in cold weather conditions. Your wiper blades may start leaving streaks across your windshield due to the rubber on the blades failure to make good contact with the glass. Regular wiper blades will freeze up and even begin to fall apart in winter weather. The weight of snow or ice on your windshield can prove too much for regular wipers and cause them to bend and break.

For these reasons, it is important to install special winter wiper blades on your vehicle. These blades are much stronger and resist freezing. Your visibility is important for your safety on the road, so an investment in winter wiper blades is recommended.

Here at Heritage Ford Inc., we would be glad to help you choose a set of winter wiper blades that are the appropriate fit for your vehicle!

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