Knowing When to Change Your Engine Oil Is Important

If you’ve been having your engine oil changed every 3,000 miles in Corydon, IN, then you’ve been paying more money than you should. In recent years, oil manufacturers have done extensive research to come up with formulas that enrich the quality of the essential product.

In previous years, there was an understanding that every 3,000 miles was a safe guess because there wasn’t as much technology as we have today. It's even possible that 3,000 miles was too frequent, but it was cautiously acceptable.

It’s never a good idea to go too long without an oil change, but it’s also not a good idea to change your oil more than necessary. Oil has a regenerative process, and over time, it actually becomes more effective until it has reached its full life cycle.

Your vehicle should be serviced by skilled professionals that give up to date information. That’s what we offer at Heritage Ford Inc.!

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